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Competent advice on any project you’re grappling with.
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Our consultant will guide you from idea to completed research work.
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Personal statement
Tell your story in a way that gets you into your dream university.
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Some of our popular academic assistance requests to get you started.

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Dr. Steven Butler

Head of Quality Assurance department
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Hi! I’m Dr. Steven Butler, head of Quality Assurance dept. Welcome to, a place where you can get a comprehensive solution to all your academic challenges 24/7.

My team consists of academic advisors, research consultants, and professional editors drawn together by a desire to help students pursue their degrees in the UK. We set out on the mission back in 2004. Today, CollegeHelp is the community of highly-qualified, experienced assistants ready to lend you a hand with anything study related. If you’re interested, let’s talk!

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Some of our popular academic assistance requests to get you started.
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    Initial screen

    We make sure the candidate has a proven track-record.

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    English proficiency test

    All candidates are invited to take an English grammar test.

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    Skills test

    We check the candidate’s skills based on their field of specialisation.

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    Only 5% get through

    This way you only receive high-quality assistance.

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Some of our popular academic assistance requests to get you started.
“The Support Representative was highly intelligent and generous! Thanks for helping me find a professional field expert for my paper!”
“Customer service is effective. They respond to any query in less than 2 minutes. Always trustworthy.”
“Amiable and kind Support. I waited no more than 20 seconds in line. Had a great experience! ”
“Once I couldn’t pay for my order, and guys from Support Service explained what I did wrong and helped me get outside of the problem.”
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